Update: Stockton University (NJ)

One of New Jersey’s fastest growing public colleges, Stockton University offers options to go to school on a suburban/rural campus in the Pine Barrons or an urban campus right by the casino hotel row in Atlantic City. Since the Atlantic City campus is brand new as of this fall, as are the Health Science and Unified Science buildings on the main campus in Galloway, I decided to revisit Stockton, and found more to like. I have written an update and added more pictures to a Stockton Pinterest page.

Stockton University has approximately 8,600 undergraduates, up 1,000 from only five years ago, virtually all attending full time, and virtually all from New Jersey.  While virtually unknown outside of the Garden State, Stockton graduates 60 percent of a freshman class within four years; others stay for five to pursue an advanced degree. With the exception of the more selective College of New Jersey, Stockton’s graduation rate is better than any regional public college in Maryland, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Stockton is also a “best buy,” especially for New Jersey residents who qualify for renewable scholarships.

Being the only college serving the Atlantic City metropolitan area, as well as the only one in New Jersey close to an ocean and a national ecological preserve, Stockton University offers one of the best Environmental Science and Environmental Studies programs in the US, as well as strong programs in the health professions and hospitality management. The university’s faculty and career services have also proven quite capable at helping students to find clinical and practical experience in Business, Criminal Justice, Education and government as well as the health related programs. Students interested in spending a semester in Washington DC receive some cost reductions for the Washington Center that are not available to their peers at other colleges.

Students who go to Stockton, prefer to live on the main campus, and have access to a car, should bring it to school. There’s no charge for a permit, and plenty of parking available. While the school has shuttles between the main campus and Atlantic City, these are small vehicles more for the students who reside on one campus and attend classes on the other. They are less convenient for evenings and weekends. And, while the more modern residence halls and apartments are quite nice, especially in Atlantic City, where they are new, off campus housing is a better value for the money.

Stockton has produced successful athletes and teams, but it is not really a “spirit and sports” school, nor is it one that bonds around a set of events or traditions. However, it is hard to find a better value for the money when there is also an academic fit–especially if you live in New Jersey.

Report Card: Stockton University (NJ)

Four-Year/Six-Year Graduation Rates: B+/B+
Freshman Retention: B+
Costs: B+
Curriculum: A
Community: B
Comforts: B+
Connections: B+ (New York and Philadelphia, especially Atlantic City area)/D (anyplace else)

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