College, Graduate and Professional School Admissions Advising in by Stuart Nachbar 

There’s no “magic formula” in college admissions, no special algorithm that will tell you that you are “in or out.” But good college admissions advising can put your family on the right track. It can help you get the educational experience you want at a price that will be affordable from start to finish.

How can I help?

My personalized college counseling services  and graduate/professional school admissions advising services focus on finding schools where students are most likely to succeed academically, socially and financially  I coach you through essays, interviews, visits and more! All of this may help you save time and money on your journey!

What do I wish for my clients?

My goal is not just to help my clients “get into college or graduate school.” I want every student to choose a school where s/he will succeed academically, financially and socially. Every graduate should also leave school with:

  • Their degree–on time and within budget
  • Direction for life after graduation–and beyond
  • A network–alumni, faculty and friends–for life
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I was accepted to Tulane University and I would like to say thank you to the Matchlighters program for matching me with Stuart Nachbar. I attend an extremely large high school, with 1 college counselor and a graduating class size of about 700. There is no way my school counselor could get to know each student, much less advise them all on college. Before being matched with Stuart, deadlines were catching up to me and I had very little knowledge of where or how to apply to schools. Stuart helped me so much throughout the entire college applications process. He advised me on deadlines, helped me edit all of my essays, and helped me build a college list that would best fit my interests. I am so grateful for everything he has helped me with and do not know what the next 4 years of my life would look like without his help.

Ashley Fitelson
Tulane University, Class of 2023
Admitted Early Decision, November, 2019

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