Educated Quest College Profiles

My site has college profiles that you will not find on any other college admissions Web site. I cover schools based on what’s important to parents and students. This includes costs, competition, completion, community, curricula, comforts and connections. Educated Quest college profiles were written to help college-bound students and their families make a well-informed decision. There are many online resources, but none look at a school the way that I do.

Since starting Educated Quest I have visited over 250 colleges and universities, some more than once. My focus is mainly on schools of interest to students in Central New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. But I try to let you know about schools that you should know. So many colleges that serve their students and alumni very well. They guide students towards their degree and career direction. A good college will help them develop a network for the rest of their life. As I often tell people online and in person: many colleges can be your ‘good college’.

These profiles are available free. However, if you wish to cite a profile as a school counselor or college advisor, please attribute it properly to Stuart Nachbar and/or Educated Quest. I work very hard to gather the information. I try to provide unique insights that can matter more than published media rankings. While many sources are public they are not always easy to find. I pride myself on my research skills and try to put them to good use to help clients and colleagues.

And if you do not see a school that you would like to see profiled on Educated Quest, please contact me at I try to learn as much about colleges and higher education as I can to help my readers, clients and colleagues.

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