Graduate and Professional School Advising

Admissions to advanced degrees in areas such as Architecture, Business,  Communications, Education, Law and Public Policy requires careful planning. You must  take the right coursework in college and do your best on the required standardized tests.Graduate schools also expect to see a resume with volunteer and work experience. Effective graduate/professional school advising can you navigate this admissions process.

Stuart Nachbar offers a full range of graduate/professional school advising services for college students and working professionals interested in Architecture, Business, Communications, Education, Public Policy, Public Administration, Urban Planning and the law. As a former executive who has worked alongside people in these fields and hired them, Stuart knows what it will take for prospective students to succeed not only in admissions, but also to complete their degree and find rewarding employment. He works with applicants to:

  • Provide a general overview of the graduate or professional school admissions process, an associated timeline and standardized testing requirements;
  • Identify educational opportunities that relate to academic areas of interest, talents, majors, prior degrees and career paths;
  • Achieve consensus on parameters for a program search or evaluate and offer input on an existing list of programs;
  • Develop a list balanced by probability of admission, including “likely” options, when possible;
  • Present the strongest possible application to each program; explore how each program’s specific requirements may be weighted in the admissions decision;
  • Assist with application material development including personal statements, secondaries, supplemental essays, short responses and any communications with program staff;
  • Provide additional services such as resume development, regional visits to programs of choice, interview preparation, and portfolio review; and,
  • Provide customized graduate/professional school advising solutions until the end of the application process regarding wait lists, acceptances, financial awards and making the final decision

For more information on graduate/professional school advising services, contact Stuart at +1(609)406-0062 or e-mail him at

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